Ceramic Reset Wash

Dc Car Care Ceramic Reset Wash

We offer the Ceramic Reset Wash at our Detailing Studio on Thorpe, Surrey. A ceramic Reset wash is designed to clear and clean the ceramic coating on your car to bring it back to its full potential.

If your ceramic coating doesn’t seem to be performing like it should, then its likely that it has gotten clogged up. This can be caused by many things, including but not limited to: A wash and wax shampoo, Fallout and water minerals, amongst many other things.

We usually recommend this service once every 6-12 months for most ceramic coated cars. Dependent on vehicle usage and the environment in which it spends most of its time.

The Process

The Ceramic Reset Wash consists of :
A full safe wash
Fallout remover
Citrus Cleaner (if required)
Mineral remover.

We use all the latest products from Autobead and Kenotek.

Prices from £100.

By Appointment only.

We are a PVD Approved, Autobead Accredited and Kenotek Accredited detailing studio, your car is in safe hands with us.

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