Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings

We offer a variety of ceramic coatings from Autobead and Kenotek.

Ceramic Coatings are a brilliant way of protecting your car, they make cleaning easier, they help to make them stay cleaner for longer. This means that after every wash they retain that like new look!

What’s Included?

Your vehicle will undergo a full safe wash, this will be followed by a decontamination clean using fallout remover and Tar remover. Next the vehicle will be treated with a clay bar to remove any other micro contaminants that may still be present. This is followed with another wash and then dried.

The paint work will then be inspected closely for any damage, deformities as well the quality and thickness of the paint. A report will be produced for you out lining the paint condition and what the proposed package will achieve.

We then begin the machine polishing to enhance the paint, if you have opted for the single stage polish as included in the prices below, we aim to increase the level of gloss and remove 60% or above of the swirl marks and wash marring on the paintwork.

Once the polishing is complete, the vehicle will be panel wiped to ensure no traces of polish and polish oil residue remains.

Lastly your chosen ceramic coating will be applied to the vehicle and left to cure for its required curing time.

Options & Prices

With a single stage Machine polish Enhancement our prices start as follows:

Autobead 1year Ceramic Coating from £458

Kenotek Flexo 18month Coating from £478

Autobead 2Year Ceramic Coating From £498

Autobead 3 Year Ceramic from £590

Kenotek Carmiq 3 Year Ceramic from £620

Autobead 5 Year Ceramic Coating from £750


Wheel Faces Coated £90

Wheel Faces and Barrels £180

External Glass Coating £82

Interior Protection (Leather, Fabric etc) from £291.

If your not sure if your vehicle will require more than a single stage polish, or for any questions and to create a bespoke package for your needs, please don’t hesitate to drop by.

We are a PVD Approved, Autobead Accredited and Kenotek Accredited detailing studio, your car is in safe hands with us.

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