Valeting In Wraysbury, Berkshire from DC Car Care

Valeting in Wraysbury Berkshire

DC Car Care Ltd are able to offer mobile Valeting in Wraysbury, Berkshire. Well situated to cover the Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire and Richmond Borough.

The DC van is kitted out to offer our Valeting services on a fully mobile basis, we come to you wherever you need us, which can be at home, work in Wraysbury, Berkshire..

Regular Valeting

We offer a regular valeting service to those in Wraysbury, Berkshire Available on a 2, 4 or 6 weekly basis. The same lush treatment as a mini valet, but with the added benefit of a reduced price for being a regular customer.

Mini Valet

It is very much a traditional mini valet. A good vacuum and brush of the carpeted and seating area. Dusted, cleaned and dressed plastics and dashboard. A safe wash using the recommended 3 bucket safe wash method and snow foam. Dried off with drying towels and finished off with a quick detailer. The glass is cleaned inside and out and the tyres dressed to impress!

Full Valet

The full valet is very much on par with what most valeting companies class as a Full Valet. Its everything the mini valet provides and more. On top of the normal inside and outside requirements, we also deep shampoo the fabrics, deep clean and condition any leather, remove fallout and tar spots from the paint and top it with a nice coat of wax or hand polish.

Full Valet Plus

Our Full Valet Plus package is Ultimate package available in the valeting range. It incorporates the Full Valet and then we go a bit further. Not only do we deep clean and shampoo your interior, we also steam it, Vacuum multiple times to dry and remove absolutely every trace of dirt or crumb possible. Whilst on the outside, we don’t just clean it and use tar remover and fallout, we also clay bar the paint work, leaving a silky smooth finish. But we are not finished there! We also add an additional layer of wax on top of the Hand polish or wax we already apply. Just to ensure extra protection and extra gloss.

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