Soft Top and Convertible Clean and Protect

Soft Top and Convertible Clean and protect

Package: Soft Top and Convertible Clean and protect
Approximate Time: 4hr
Areas Covered: 15 mile radius (TW19)
Prices: £125

Where and when we do it:

DC Car Care Ltd can offer the Soft top and convertible clean and protect package to those within a 15 miles radius of the TW19 postcode. Available at your Home, Work or any other place you may require it.

What we do:

The Fabric is deep cleaned using a wide variety of suitable cleaners which are agitated and left to dwell, They are then rinsed and then the dirt is extracted using an extraction machine. This is carried out multiple times until the water removed runs clear.

Once the water has ran clear, it means that any dirt has been removed. So we then proceed to extract a second time to ensure all remains of water are removed from the soft top, the soft top is then usually heated to ensure its completley dry.

At this point we then apply the protectant evenly to ensure good strong coverage. We usually expect this to last around a year, but this is dependant on where the vehicle is parked and its use.

N.B: If the water has run clear and there are still marks, they are likely to be where the top has been bleached or damaged from the UV, Acidic Bird Staines or mould spores. These are not removable and may require a re colour.

To book:

Contact us with where you are located and what valet you need >
We send you our available dates >
you confirm the dates you want and send a deposit >
we vist you on to the day and complete the valet.

A £20 Non Refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

Call: 01784 250512

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