Paint Protection Services in and around Staines

Paint Protection

Vehicle Paint Protection Packages in and around Staines. Including Waxes, Sealants, Ceramic Coatings and more.

An often forgotten part of car care these day is paint protection. Things have really moved on from the good old days of wax on, wax off. However we do still offer a wax option.

We can offer a vast variety of paint protection options to suit your requirements and budget. We have: winter protection packages, Bullet Polish Polymer sealant package, silica resin coating and ceramic coating.

Don’t forget your interior, we have a package for that too!


Wax options are available in our valeting packages, they generally last between 2-6 months, dependant on the condition of the paint and use of the vehicle. Therefore we don’t include this under the protection section.

Winter Protection

The UK uses some of the most harsh methods of clearing the roads during ice periods, particularly the use of heavy salts. As a result, we created a polymer based package just to aid the protection of your vehicles paint and wheels during this period.

Polymer sealant based protection.

Our Bullet Polish Sealant package is a polymer based package, similar to our winter protection package, being that its a polymer based sealant.

However the application process is slightly different. It’s applied via a DA Machine Polisher to give a good solid and even finish, increasing durability and gloss.

Silica resin based protection.

KKD Si-Stal is a silica resin based protection option for your paint. It bonds much stronger to the paint than Polymer sealants, and is applied similar to that of a ceramic coating.

Often refereed to as a baby ceramic due to application method and often giving 18+ months of protection. It’s definitely one to consider if your on a budget.

Ceramic Coating based protection

Is it the new buzz word or does it really work?

Having applied various ceramic coatings to so many different cars over the years and then continuing to maintain them since. We don’t think its just a buzz word. It adds a hardened layer of protection to your vehicle that reduces the chances or severity of scratches and stone chips, It makes it super easy to keep clean, and it gives you that like new look after every wash.

The key with ceramic coatings is a well prepared paint work for the ceramic to adhere too and should really be done by an experienced professional. Our ceramics are chosen specifically for the use in an outdoor environment as we are fully mobile.

Interior Protection

Often overlooked is interior protection. Our interior protection package covers: Fabric Seats and carpets, Leather, Plastics and the windows.

It helps to avoid stains, slows down wear and tear, and makes it easier to keep clean.

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