AutoBead Silex 2-year Ceramic Coating in Staines

Package: AutoBead Silex 2-year Ceramic Coating
Approximate Time: 1 Day ( Drop off on the day, collect the next day)
Areas Covered: DC Detailing Studio – TW20 8RG
Small: £340
Medium & Large: £360
4X4 & MPV: £380
Product Base: Ceramic Coating, applied via Block
Expected Durability: 24 months

Where and when we do it:

DC Car Care Ltd offer the AutoBead Silex 2-year Ceramic Coating package at our detailing studio in Staines. An amazing product offering long term protection and glossy shine for your vehicle.

What we do:

The AutoBead Silex 2-year Ceramic Coating package initially begins with enveloping your vehicle in snow foam, followed by a complete rinse and 3-bucket safe wash, including the wheel faces and barrels (where we can get to them). This is followed chemical decontamination of the paintwork and wheels for both tar and fallout. We then finish off the cleaning process by clay barring the paint work to remove any trace of dirt and grime.

Next, we dry the vehicle with our soft plush drying towels. The paintwork then undergoes a single stage machine polish to remove some minor defects, and some swirls in order to enhance the gloss and finish of the paint. The windows are cleaned and protected, as well as the tyres and trims dressed. We finish the paintwork by applying the AutoBead coating, and the wheels are finished with a ceramic coating to protect them too!

To book:

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A £50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

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