Mobile Detailing in and around Staines, Middlesex


We can offer an array of machine polishing detailing options for you in and around the Staines area.

Detailing is far more than just washing a car and running a machine polisher over it to make it look shinny. We spend Hours and hours, often days and days detailing the paint work. All details get a complete paintwork clean and decontamination including clay bar before we begin polishing.

There are different levels of details you can have, these are outlined below for you. A gloss enhancement is machine polish using a polish which contains some abrasives. What this means is, it will remove some marks and hide others. At the other end of the scale you may wish to have it flat sanded and multi staged polished to get the very best results possible for your paint.

In order for us to ascertain what is best for you and your car, we first book an inspection. This entails a full safe wash, assessment of the paint works condition, measurements to see how much paint is there for us to do our thing without damaging the paint and a discussion with you to see whats best suited.

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